Perten Instruments

For more than 50 years Perten Instruments has been a leading supplier of analytical equipment to the agricultural industry; agricultural; animal feed; food production and processing. Our customers include corporations; manufacturing enterprises; Small-scale production households and research institutes.

History: in 1962 Harald Perten founded Perten Instruments based on the innovation of the Falling Number method. We have continued to innovate since then. Harald Perten’s mission is to help customers improve product quality by providing affordable analytical methods; easy to use and easy to understand. This is still the cornerstone of our business. Since 2014 Perten Instruments is part of the PerkinElmer group of companies.

Our vision is to provide a complete solution for quick results; exactly; reliability and products developed to meet the requirements of agri-food and food processing companies. Perten Instruments’ equipment must benefit the common goal of companies and research organizations; Create financial value or gain knowledge.

Innovation: Our customers are constantly striving to improve production efficiency; product quality and product features. We are on a mission to develop new methods and equipment to meet these ever-changing goals. Therefore; We invest 15% of our revenue in innovation and product development. We recruit people with exceptional skills and experience to make all of this possible.