Ceabis has been established in the ’70’s from his founder Oscar Puato, talented and experienced manager and owner of several funerary agencies since the ’50’s. The deep knowledge and experience in the funerary industry on matter of bodies conservation, particularly in certain weather conditions, has always driven Ceabis activities and operations to the highest standard of hygiene and quality. The design, trademark and manufacture of the system¬†IBERSALM¬†for the conservation of bodies where the main achievements of Ceabis

Since then 30 years has passed, and the competence and knowledge in this field has become even greater and has positively influenced every single tools and supplies manufactured and offered to our customers. We are specialists of the funerary industry with particular relevance to the design and supply of Morgues even for the public administration sector with the most advanced equipments and in the highest respect of the deregulation in terms of hygiene and safety.

In 2003 Ceabis joined the Vezzani Group through an act of acquisition. From then on, thanks to the support of the group, it has grown more and more with the aim to offer a complete range of products evermore expanded and improved to satisfy customer demands and enter new markets

Nowadays, apart from being a leader in the field of health refrigeration and in setting up mortuaries and anatomy rooms, Ceabis is a stable and reliable partner for all business operators, who find in our men, trained professionals able to assist them and give proper answers to all their needs.

Today, Ceabis is operating in all the CE and in some extra European markets as well. Recognized also in the Middle East and South America as a leading and valid supplier.