About Us



Proudly Filipino

Established in 1991, Guill-Bern Corporation is a reputable distributor of innovative equipment for the quality control laboratory, hospital,
life science, microbiology, biotechnology, environmental and other various industrial applications. We strive to fulfill our commitment to our partners,
colleagues and clients with honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. We aim to work in excellence, with professionalism and, value the profitability
of our efforts in the market.

What we do

We offer solutions with the most advanced, quality, hi-tech equipment for various industries.
We cater even to the most specific applications. We provide reliable and efficient
after-sales service and consultations for total customer satisfaction.


The mission of GUILL-BERN CORPORATION is to consistently adhere to the integrity of its sales model and on-time delivery process, a dynamic
organisational system in place together with continuous initiative in searching for new technology to develop market segments. We are committed
to ensure the growth of our principals' market share and end-users' value for money towards helping them achieve quality products and services to
the customers they serve.


"The vision of GUILL-BERN CORPORATION is to be the preferred professional and innovative laboratory solutions provider for its business partners 
in achieving their commitment of high quality products, research and excellent services towards a better, safer and healthier Philippines in the next five years."

Core Values that build our business

CORE VALUES : "This is the Guill-Bern Way"

  1. We have INTEGRITY - We can be trusted to do what is expected of us without monitoring. We are accurate in our actions.
  2. We are COMMITTED TO ACTION - We are focused on our goal and not on gossip and negativity. We are results oriented. We are coordinated and keep everyone well informed. We are prompt and consistent.
  3. We are DYNAMIC - We adapt to every situation. Ever changing to the times. We multi-task. We are flexible.
  4. We have INITIATIVE - We will do what is necessary to achieve results without having to be told. We are open to communication. We make decisions for the betterment of the company. We are proactive.
  5. We are ACCOUNTABLE - We ensure the deliverability of the quality standards and targets we commit to. We take full responsibility for our choices and actions and do not blame others. We are GUILL-BERN CORPORATION.

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