Academe and Research

Chopin Product Listing
1.      Mixolab – measures rheological behavior  of dough
2.      Alveo-Consistograph - determines the gluten strength and bread-making characteristics of flour
3.      SDmatic – determines flour starch damage
4.      Rheofermentometer – measurement of gas production, dough permeability and volume during fermentation
5.      CD Mill-  Laboratoty Mill, simulates the behavior of wheat in industrial grinding
FRITSCH List of Products
PULVERISETTE : Crushing, Cutting, Milling, Grinding and Pulverizing
1.    P0 – Vibratory Micro Mill
2.    P1 – Jaw Crusher (* Premium Line )
a.     Model I ( 60x60 mm feed size )
b.    Model II ( 95 x 95 mm feed size )
3.    P2 – Mortar Grinder
4.    P4 – Vario- Planetary Micro Mil ( classic line )
5.    P5 – Planerary Mill ( classic line, in 2 and 4 working stations )
6.    P6 – Planetary Mono Mill ( classic and * Premium line )
7.    P7 – Planetary Micro Mill ( classic and premium line )
Compact Dry (Rapid Microbiological Plates)
Lumitester (Hygiene and Sanitation Monitoring System)
Listeria and Coliform Swab
EC Blue (Coliform detection)
Histamine Kit

List of Captair Products:

Captair Smart ductless filtration fume hoods
Captair Smart Weighing stations
Captair Smart filtered storage cabinets
Captair filtering storage cabinets
Captair Bio PCR enclosures
Captair Flow clean air enclosures
Captair Pyramid Portable glove bag

Netzsch Product Listing
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Prioclave  Autoclave Product Type

Bench Top
Front Loading
Front Loading Rectangular
Top Loading
Double Ended
Power Door
Evidence Investigator
Microplate Reader
Microplate Washer
Drug Residue Kit
Immunoaffinity Column
Chemistry and Coagulation Testers