Microwave Sample Preparation

a. Ultra Wave- Bench top Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Digestion System
b. Ethos One - The ETHOS One can process any kind of samples, with full digestion   quality control
c. Start D - the START D is the more affordable digestion system, can process any kind of samples from the relatively easy environmental, such as wastewater or sludge, to the most challenging, such as ceramics or refractory materials.

Mercury Determination

1. DMA80 - Milestone’s DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer analyzes liquid gas and solid samples without sample digestion and wet chemistry pre-treatment steps and any waste disposal.

2. DMA8OL -  Direct Mercury Analyzer for liquids

- The new Milestone DMA-80L is designed to perform fast, precise and extremely sensitive determination of mercury from 0.01 to 1.000 ng in water-based samples and digestates.