Myth Buster (Facts Only) #10

Facts only!

Here's another Myth buster note from the World Health Organization.

Donate a kit and save lives!

Thanks to all the big hearted. Here’s a simple way to donate.

Just deposit any amount from the bottom of your hearts to GBC bank account as follows:

Guill-Bern Corporation
BDO: 006440-0852-46
BPI Family: 005993-3630-83
BPI: 003193-3665-96

You can also use Gcash or paymaya. Send us a copy of your deposit slip and full name so we can include you in our list of donors. With collective effort big or small, this will help save lives. Together we will fight COVID-19!

For more details, please contact the following:

or you can follow us on
Instagram: @gbccovidtestkitdrive

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