Sakura’s Automatic Staining Technology

Whats New!!!

Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Automated Slide Stainer and Tissue-Tek Film Automatic Film Coverslipper

For Better Specimen Quality

Sakura’s Staining Technology

Advancing Consistent Staining Quality,

High Performance, Efficiency and Speed.

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Tissue-Tek® Film Coverslipper

Meeting Diverse Staining and Coverslipping Needs: Film coverslipper link to the Prisma Plus

True Walkaway System: High throughput and unload capacity

Tracking Capability: Optional barcode reader to automatically read slide information

A successful product launching of Prisma Plus and Film was held at the Providence Hospital last August 10, 2018.

The launching  was attended by medical technologist  and Doctors in different  hospitals in Metro  Manila and other

nearby provinces. A scheduled series of demonstration of  Prisma and Film will be done in some hospital in Metro Manila.

Please contact   Guill-Bern Corporation for a site visit during the demo or request for a demonstration of the Prisma and Film

  in your laboratory which will be available till end of October 2018.

Registration of Participants at the Providence Hospital

Product Presentation of Prisma Plus Stainer and Film Coverslipper

Demonstration of Sakura Prisma Plus Stainer and Film Coverslipper

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