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Practicing Social Distancing

April 24, 2020
Everyone has a role to play to help keep each other and our loved ones safe. By practicing social distancing, we can flatten the curve and save lives. Why not go an extra mile in helping our country fight COVID...

Two Types of Test Kit for Detecting Corona virus

April 22, 2020
There are two types of test kit that can be used to detect the presence of corona virus in the sample. These are the Rapid Test Kit and PCR-based test kit. Here are the difference between the two. Whichever...

We Heal As One

April 20, 2020
As we fight this pandemic brought by COVID-19, let us remember that force is stronger when we are fighting together. Let's extend a helping hand to those in need and keep our hopes up that all these will be over...

Tips on Avoiding Covid19

April 17, 2020
Prevention is always better than cure. With that, here are some of the simple ways we can do in order to prevent catching COVID-19. With the number of cases in the country still growing, it is of big help if we...

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