Company Profile

Located in Evian, France, ACTINI has over 65 years of experience and a superb reputation as a global leader in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of heat treatment equipment. Expert in the decontamination of liquid effluent, ACTINI offers a complete range of standard and custom-made systems designed to meet the needs of contained laboratories and biofacilities using biological agents.



Expert in the decontamination of liquid effluent, ACTINI offers a complete range of sterilizers designed to meet the needs of confined laboratories and bio-industries handling biological agents classified from 1 to 4.

Its ability to innovate combined with a technical mastery and historical know-how have enabled it over the years to offer “batch” or “continuous” solutions that are always more efficient for daily capacities of 40 to 400,000 liters. Ensuring the decontamination of the waste, they also answer the current problems which are productivity, profitability of the installations, compactness of the systems and preservation of the environment.


Main features of our decontamination systems

  • Standard solution for projects without special requirements and customized design to meet the specific requirements of each URS
  • Decontamination in F050
  • Compliance with international pharmaceutical standards (cGMP, 21CFR)
  • Compliance with the strictest containment requirements (BSL-1-2-3-4)
  • Batch technology (CycloBatch patented process) or Continuous technology
  • Steam or all-electric heating systems (Actitube and Actijoule technologies, patented)
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Modular skid assembled and tested in our factories before delivery



Technological advances in decontamination and inactivation techniques achieved by ACTINI enable us to offer ever more efficient and cost-effective systems for projects of any size and for any type of confined environment.

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