Analytical Determination

Alpha MOS  is an instrumentation company which was set up in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market Electronic Noses, Tongues and Eyes worldwide.  In 2008, Alpha MOS acquired Perichrom, a French company created in 1993 that develops and markets gas chromatography instrumentation: chromatographs, autosamplers, chromatography software for chromatograms acquisition and handling.


Berthold Technologies is a global technology leader in life sciences. Our microplate readers, luminometers, label-free microarray systems, HPLC radio detectors, in vivo imagers and gamma counters made in Germany have been trusted by scientists for more than 60 years. We develop and manufacture user-friendly, reliable, accurate and sensitive high-quality bioanalytical solutions.

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CHOPIN Technologies specializes in quality-control methods and equipment throughout the wheat-flour-bread (WFB) value chain. They provide products and services aimed at WFB professionals to enable them to meet operational constraints, the applicable regulations and customer specifications. CHOPIN Technologies solutions are widely used to predict and improve the behavior of ingredients during processing and to control the characteristics of the final product.


Hanna Instruments manufactures powerful titrator systems.
The HI902C is a potentiometric titrator that can perform acid/base reactions, redox, complexometric, precipitation , non-aqueous, argentometric and ion-selective titrations. It's automatic dispense of titrant, detection of endpoint, calculation and graphing makes it easier for use. Besides being a potentiometic titrator, it can also function as a research grade pH meter, mV/ORP meter and ISE meter.

Micromeritics is a US company specializing on analytical instruments for the measurement of particle characteristics such as particle size, surface area, porosity, zeta potential, etc. for various applications.  A must see product under our Analytical Instruments and can be the best tool for your researches.


With 50 years of extensive application experience in the field of Thermal Analysis, Netzsch offers a variety of instruments that will cater to the understanding of material science. Research institutions and industrial businesses with thermal-related analysis shall benefit on the product offering of Netzsch.


Perten Instruments is a specialist in quality control of grain, flour, food and feed.  Perten instruments provides combination of products for Compositional and Functional analysis which is unique in the industry.


Analytical and industrial instrumentation specializing in X-ray related technologies, including X-ray crystallography, X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray reflectivity, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), automation, cryogenics and X-ray optics.

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Skalar is a Dutch company, established in 1965 as a producer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. It has since grown into a multinational organization with its own subsidiaries in most European countries and North America, and with over eighty representatives throughout the world.