Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments manufactures powerful titrator systems.
The HI902C is a potentiometric titrator that can perform acid/base reactions, redox, complexometric, precipitation , non-aqueous, argentometric and ion-selective titrations. It's automatic dispense of titrant, detection of endpoint, calculation and graphing makes it easier for use. Besides being a potentiometic titrator, it can also function as a research grade pH meter, mV/ORP meter and ISE meter.
The HI903 and HI904 Karl Fischer Titrators are both powerful analytical device to measure a wide range of moisture content. HI903 through the Volumetric Method measure water content with the range from 100ppm to 100%. HI904 uses the Coulometric Method to measure samples with low range of water content ranging from 1ppm to 5%

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