Analytical Determination

SOTAX is a leader in the development and manufacturing of test instruments and software for tablet testing and is a leading solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on very high quality standards in all operation levels and is continuously improving the quality of its systems to meet GMP, GAMP and ISO 9000-3 standards.

Spectrum Instruments delivers innovative solutions and services to a wide range of customers in research , education , pharmacy, industrial, life sciences and chemical analysis . At Spectrum Instruments, we strive to lead in the development and manufacture of the analytical instruments, including photoelectric colorimeters, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometers, special accessories, etc.

The portable analytical instrument division of Thermo Scientific offers handheld material identification for pharmaceutical and industrial use. These rugged and easy-to-use analyzers take spectroscopy out of the lab and maximize efficiency of material verification.


VELP offers high quality instruments in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Analytical determination including Nitrogen and trace heavy metal determination are just some of its many applications.


Wallace Sample testing equipment for the rubber industry. Measure hardness, viscosity, plasticity, compression, abrasion resistance and more.