Biomedical Equipment

angelantoni under biomedical (Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), a sub-holding entirely controlled by Angelantoni Industrie, is an international leader in the manufacturing of cold and cryogenic equipment and advanced systems in healthcare and in biotechnology. ALS is deeply involved in the development of innovative technological solutions to sustain the constantly increasing global demand for better life conditions.
Milestone Medical from Bergamo Italy is committed to helping patient’s by providing pathologists and histologists with innovative tools, to enable same-day diagnostic results.  Featuring the complete line of Rapid Microwave Tissue Processors. 


Optika is the world’s leader in providing High Quality Microscopes. Manufactures and distributes more than 80 models for different types of microscopy.


Priorclave are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Laboratory Autoclaves for use in the food, drink, dairy, health and pharmaceutical industries. They operate at up to 2.4 Bar, with capacities from 40 to 700L and over.

They would like to serve their customers by offering them a full line of high quality products and service in the fields of histology and cytology. They will accomplish this by utilizing their long and rich experience in the laboratory business and by maintaining a global vision.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc is the world Leader in serving science. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides unique and innovative technology on different laboratory equipments both for industrial and medical.


(Wescor an Elitech Group Company develops, manufactures, and markets instrumentation and other products for medicine, science, and industry that provide solutions to problems in lab measurement and diagnostic procedures. Its biomedical products division has served diagnostic laboratory and scientific research laboratory markets for more than 30 years. Products include vapor pressure and colloid osmometers, automatic slide stainers (Hematology, Gram, Acid Fast Bacteria), cytocentrifuges, and sweat-testing for the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.)