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Alveolab is a worldwide standard (AACC 54-30.02, ICC 121, NF EN ISO 27971) that measures the visco-elastic properties (tenacity, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength) of wheat dough. The test involves producing a test piece of dough which under air pressure turns into bubble. This process reproduces the deformation of the dough when subjected to carbon dioxide production during fermentation.

Providing Solutions 

  • For Millers
    • Optimize wheat and flour blends
    • Adapt flour for its final use and by measuring accurately the additives and improvers
    • Control of different flour fractions
    • Elaborate use of durum wheat through the Alveograph Durum protocol
  • For Bakers
    • Monitor conformity of incoming flour
    • Test new compositions
    • Control additives

Standard Analysis involves mixing the flour with salted water, preparation of dough pieces, resting and automatic inflation of each dough. However, the improved software allows user to perform other analyses such as Degradation (dough undergoes longer resting time to determine degradation rate of flour originating from wheat that is potentially contaminated by insects), Hybrid (allows combination of protocols in a single test) and Relaxation (measure how dough perfoms when stress is applied).



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