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Mixolab measures the characteristics of dough during mixing as well as the quality of protein and starch as temperature of the mixer changes to simulate the industrial milling. Accepted as an ACCC and ICC method, Mixolab allows user for complete flour characterization through the different tools on its partner software:

  • Mixolab Standard as an R&D tool for complete flour characterization
  • Mixolab Simulator as Quality Control tool to compare to a Farinograph 
  • Mixolab Profiler for easier creation of profile fit for different application and different client's needs

Providing solutions for the following:

  • For Millers
    • As wheat testing at point of delivery
    • Detection of pest infestation in wheat
    • Wheat and flour blends optimization
    • Adaptation of flour for fimal uses through precise dosing of additives
    • Analysis of different flour mill streams
    • Assessing the impact of damaged starch
  • For Bakers
    • For verifying conformity of delivered flours
    • Studying the rheological behavior of specialty flours 
    • Elaborate study on gluten-free products
    • Study on whole-wheat formulas



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