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SDmatic is a simple, fast and reliable tool to measure damaged starch. Compliant with standards AACC 76-33.01, ICC 172/1, NF V03-731 and FTWG No.24, the SDmatic measures iodine absorption in a diluted flour suspension in less than 10 minutes. The rate of iodine absorbed by the starch depends on how damaged it is.

As native starch is being damaged brought about by its genetic characteristics and mechanical proccess it undergoes. As one of the components that is responsible for increased water absorption of flour, it is important to be controlled by millers and bakers to produce flours with high hydration capacity and addition of maximum water content in flour to increase yield and have better profitability. Besides yield, starch damage also has great impact during processing and end product of the dough which includes stickiness of dough, less volume during proofing, intense bread crust color, increased bread shelf-life and broken biscuits and non-standard size of cookies.

It's easy and accurate compared to enzyme-based methods and can be adapted according to the clients' needs through different calibrations customized with the help of Chopin Technologies Applications Laboratory. 


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