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SRC-Chopin is the automated SRC that provides improved precision and reproducibility of the test. SRC (Solvent Retention Capacity) provides better understanding of flour's functionality by simultaeously and individually analyzing the main flour functional components that directly influence final product quality. The test involves solvation of flours using different diagnostic solvents- deionized water, 5% lactic acid in water, 50% sodium carbonate in water and 50% sucrose in water which are used to measure and predict the functional contribution of each flour polymer component. Glutenin, Pentosans and Damaged Starch all are main flour polymers because of their great influence in the dough during mixing, baking and final product quality. 

Users of SRC:

  • Wheat/Flour Milling Industry
    • Wheat Tempering: Measuring SRC values helps in monitoring tempering conditions  and can help flour functionality for a given extraction rate
    • Wheat/ Flour Blending: Calculating results of SRC is possible in order to obtain required SRC values
    • Chlorination: SRC analysis showed characrerizing increases in water, sodium carbonate and sucrose SRC values but decrease in lactic acid SRC value
  • Baking Industry (Soft Flour)
    • Cookies and Crackers: Typical SRC values for a good-quality cookie/cracker flour are water SRC: <51%, lactic acid SRC: >87%, sodium carbonate SRC: <64% and sucrose SRC: <89%
    • Sponge and Dough Products: Typical SRC values for a good-quality sponge-dough flour are water SRC: <57%, lactic acid SRC: >100%, sodium carbonate SRC: <72% and sucrose SRC: <96%
  • Baking Industry (Hard Flour)
    • Bread Volume: The higher lactic acid SRC value of a bread flour, the higher is the baked loaf volume
    • Bread Specific Volume: Higher sucrose SRC values and/or sodium carbonate SRC values are detrimental to high specific volume
    • Crumb-grain score:  Increased SRC values for three solvents (lactic acid, sucrose and sodium carbonate results in stiffer crumb structure in bread

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