Consumables and Test Kits

GeneReach Biotech is a worldwide biotechnology company dedicated to bringing the innovation
to global health management. By developing, manufacturing and marketing products for applied
nucleic acid detection technology, we offer disease detection platforms, including equipments
and reagents, to multiple industries. Our products are currently in aquaculture, agriculture and
companion animal industries.

Worlds partner in providing the most innovative advanced procedures for detection of contamination on different samples for different industries. Innovations in microbiological, chemical, and ATP systems for faster and accurate results.


Randox Food Diagnostics is an associate of Randox Laboratories who have 30 years experience in the diagnostic market and a devoted research and development team. Randox Food Diagnostics is a dedicated company responsible for the distribution of Randox drug residue kits, wine testing kits and analysers worldwide. Randox Food Diagnostics incorporate several market related products dedicated to the food, wine and beverage industries.