Environmental Monitoring

Alpha MOS  is an instrumentation company which was set up in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market Electronic Noses, Tongues and Eyes worldwide.  In 2008, Alpha MOS acquired Perichrom, a French company created in 1993 that develops and markets gas chromatography instrumentation: chromatographs, autosamplers, chromatography software for chromatograms acquisition and handling.


A LEADER in Environmental Monitoring system in measuring PARTICULATE MATTER  (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TSP) simultaneously using 31 multi-channel Laser light scattering method for high accuracy in real-time without the hassle of expensive filters plus an optional sensors for Meteorology and ambient Gases.

As the world’s water resources become increasingly valuable, In-Situ® Inc. is dedicated to innovation and expertise in the design and deployment of world-class water monitoring systems. 

A Leader in manufacturing high quality and low-price emission monitoring instruments on electro-chemical and IR-basis for flue and stack gases for automobile and furnaces .

Skalar is a Dutch company, established in 1965 as a producer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. It has since grown into a multinational organization with its own subsidiaries in most European countries and North America, and with over eighty representatives throughout the world.