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Our electronic pipettes make daily pipetting easier for you through a range of unique features. Even people who are changing from manual to electronic pipettes will quickly learn the intuitive user interface.

Any pipetting work can be easily programmed and performed via the control wheel on the large color display: from individual transfers to complex protocols and pipetting into microtiter plates.

We have perfectly matched the unique pipette tip fittings to the INTEGRA GripTip pipette tips. This enables us to achieve a very low attachment and ejection force, which significantly simplifies daily pipetting. Thanks to the perfect fit and GripTip system the tips cannot fall out, always stay at the same height on the tip fitting and will not leak.

Various electronic single and multichannel pipettes are available in different volume ranges. The following electronic pipettes are available:

  • VOYAGER II: Adjustable spacing multichannel pipettes where the tip spacing can be adjusted with the press of a button.
  • VIAFLO II: Electronic single and multichannel pipettes.
  • VIAFLO 96/384: Manually operated, electronic 96 and 384 channel pipettes.
  • VIAFLO ASSIST: Small robot automatically completes the pipetting protocol communicated by the mounted VIAFLO II pipette.

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