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Sterilization and dispensing of medium

Many things must be considered during media preparation. The media must be prepared in a sterile and careful manner so that sensitive ingredients are not damaged. In particular, heat-sensitive media may not be exposed to high temperatures for too long. Media containing agar must be pre-swelled beforehand to then be completely dissolved and sterilized by heating within a short space of time. The subsequent process of filling Petri dishes in a sterile manner is often laborious and time-consuming. In addition, there are high expectations about the quality of agar plates. The gel layer should be even, have a smooth surface and a thickness of at least 3 mm.

Our devices offer you a superior quality all-round solution to prepare culture media and fill Petri dishes quickly and reliable:

  • MEDIACLAVE: The media preparator prepares the medium in a single container in a gentle manner. Temperature, time and pressure are monitored throughout the entire sterilization process, which guarantees the documented preparation of reproducible high-quality culture medium.
  • MEDIAJET: The automatic Petri dish filler can handle Petri dishes of different sizes from various manufacturers. A UV lamp emits effective bactericidal UV-C radiation. MEDIAJET is directly connected to the MEDIACLAVE culture medium preparator and can even be used to fill test tubes with an optional extension.

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