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ASAP 2020 Plus Chemisorption


ASAP 2020 Plus - Chemisorption
Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System 
Sophisted Design, Intuitive Operation, Research-Grade Results


The Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Plus integrates a variety of automated gas sorption techniques into a single, but powerful, table top-instrument. The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, chemisorption and physisorption isotherm data to materials analysis laboratories with ever-expanding analytical requirements.
The ASAP 2020 Plus provides maximum versatility over a remarkable range of applications to meet your specific needs.

With more installed instruments in more countries for more users, the ASAP family of products have proven to be the instruments of choice worldwide when researchers require precise, high-quality gas adsorption data.

ASAP 2020 Plus
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Advanced Capabilities through Optional Configurations


The ASAP 2020 Plus can be configured to your specific needs with the option of upgrading at a later date as your analytical requirements change, maximizing the utility of this instrument and your investment.

Choose from low surface area, to heated vapor, to micropore capability. Add a cryostat, an external detector, or configure the unit for enhanced chemical resistance when working with aggressive vapors. The ASAP 2020 Plus permits one instrument to accommodate almost any surface characterization need in your lab.

Design Versatility

  • Two independent vacuum systems permit simultaneous preparation of two samples while analyzing another. This maximizes your personnel productivity and your return on time invested


  • The ASAP 2020 Plus is configurable with many optional accessories to meet your specific analytical requirements


Research grade results in a customer-configurable instrument to meet a wide variety of applications


ASAP 2020 Plus photo front view
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The ASAP 2020 Plus Chemisorption option permits you to obtain valuable information about the physical and chemical properties of your catalyst, catalyst support, adsorbents, and other materials. Its unique design provides a high level of system cleanliness to permit low-pressure chemisorption isotherms.

  • Programmable, two-station degas system
    allows physisorption sample preparation
    while running a chemisorption analysis
  • Twelve gas inlets allow multiple probe gases to be investigated maximizing efficiency and range of applications
  • Dedicated exhaust port for external detector connections
  • High-temperature 1100 °C furnace rapidly ramps to temperature and
    provides excellent, stable temperature and control with quick cool downs In situ chemisorption sample reparation and activation provide a fully automated method that does not require user intervention
  • Design permits quick and easy
    transition from chemisorption
    to physisorption analysis



MicroActive for ASAP 2020 Plus

MicroActive provides you with direct access and manipulation of chemical adsorption isotherm data. Unified Analysis Conditions for physical and chemicalanalyses allows you to rapidly develop new methods with a common interface.



Chemisorption Reports

Reported Data Include:

  • Active Metal Surface Area
  • Average Crystallite Size
  • Irreversible and Reversible Sorption
  • Monolayer Capacity
  • Active Metal Dispersion

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Calculations can be easily generated and adjusted. The selection bars allow for a range of data points to be quickly and easily selected.



Reduction Features


  • Interaction with adsorption data is direct. By simply moving the calculation bars, the user is immediately updated with new textual properties
  • One-click access to important parameters
  • Interactive data manipulation minimizes the use of dialog boxes and tunneling of dialogs to specify calculation parameters
  • Improved ability to overlay files (up to 25) including mercury intrusion data with a file add-and-subtract feature and data from competitive instruments


  • User-selectable data ranges through the graphic interface allow direct modeling for BET, t-Plot, Langmuir, DFT interpretation,
    and much more. The MicroActive suite provides an extensive selection of NLDFT models for calculating pore size distributions
  • Report Options editor allows the user to define reports with on-screen previews. Each report has the ability to possess one summary, tabular, and graphical information pane
  • Powerful Python programming language allows you to develop extensions to the standard report available within the ASAP 2020 Plus MicroActive application

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Partnership and Support Network

  • Expertise in application assistance is only a phone call away. Every Micromeritics instrument is backed by a dedicated, knowledgeable staff of experts
  • Responsive worldwide service and technical support provides the needed security and peace of mind for you, our customers, ensuring that your sample and product development pathways continue to progress
  • Referenced in an extensive number of peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals, your ASAP 2020 will link you to a large and growing community of users 




Pressure Measurement:
0 to 950 mmHg
Resolution: Up to 1 x 10-7 torr
(0.1 mmHg transducer)
Accuracy: > 0.15% of reading
Degas System: Ambient to
450 °C, 1 °C increments
System Capacity:
1 analysis, 2 degas ports
Sample Temperature:
Ambient + 10 °C to 1100 °C, 1 °C increments

Ramp up to
20 °C/min to 800 °
10 °C/min to 1000 °
5 °C/min to 1100 °


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