NanoPlus HD – Zeta Potential & Nano Particle Size Analyzer

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NanoPlus HD – Zeta Potential & Nano Particle Size Analyzer

Next Generation Zeta Potential and Particle Size Analyzer​

  • Colloidal solution stability in liposome and monoclonal antibody development
  • Quantitative determination of oral and injectable suspension stability
  • Pharmacokinetic drug delivery studies of nano-emulsions
  • Pigment and ink characterization
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessments of nano-cosmetics
  • Cosmetic slip casting evaluation and chemical dosing for colloidal stability
  • And many more

Overcome the unknown or discover more about your product than ever before​

  • High definition analysis with 70 mW of laser power finds small volume aggregates in mixtures.
  • Discover true zeta potential with multi-point measurement scans for isoelectric point, formulation constancy and uniformity in colloidal systems. Know, predict and quantify the stability of your product.
  • Learn more and save time with the ability to measure within the entire dynamic range of the NanoPlus HD in a single analysis.

Reach deeper into acquired data to increase yield, optimize process, and find new capabilities.​

  • Improved sensitivity for increased raw data quality advances results accuracy.
  • Avalanche Photodiode Detection (APD) permits high sensitivity detection of even small volume, diluted samples. Lets you successfully acquire data in valuable and challenging low volume analyses.
  • Generate customized 3D plots to track changes, compare lots or see pH affects. Use acquired data to positively impact your continual process improvement initiatives.

Protect data integrity, secure repeatability and accuracy for high confidence results.​

  • Exceptional multi-point electrophoretic mobility detection eliminates EOF affects.
  • Utilize the intelligent SOP (standard operating procedure) Designer and the preloaded liquid dispersion properties. Spend time understanding data and its impact instead of investing in method tuning and control.
  • Broad range of temperature control secures sample integrity with protein and biological samples, keep sample bioactivity intact. Specially engineered analysis cells with parallel electrodes eliminate thermal damage to protein or biological materials.

NanoPlus HD Particle Size & Zeta Potential Analyzer

The NanoPlus HD is a unique instrument that utilizes photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to determine particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight. The instrument is compact and easy to use with an extended analysis range, intuitive software, and multiple sample cells to fit the user’s application.

The NanoPlus HD also features improved sensitivity and reduced analysis time through the upgraded HD-APD (avalanche photo diode).

The instrument is available in two model configurations:

NanoPlus 1 HD
Nano Particle Sizing Instrument

NanoPlus 3 HD
A Combination Nano Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential Instrument

The NanoPlus HD Series:

Particle size: 0.1 nm – 12.30 μm
Zeta Potential: -500 ~ +500 mV
Molecular Weight Range: 3.6×102 to 2×107 Da
Concentration range: 0.00001~ 40%





NanoPlus HD Zeta Potential Measurement

The NanoPlus HD is designed to measure electrophoretic mobility at several points in the cell to obtain a position (i.e. stationary point) not influenced by electroosmotic flow. As a result, the instrument can calculate and accurately measure electrophoretic mobility, even if the electroosmotic profile of the system is asymmetrical due to adsorption or sedimentation of the sample on the cell walls. The Multi-point determination allows for exceptional repeatability and reproducibility.

Design utilizes a straight capillary with parallel electrodes to provide greater accuracy by eliminating error associated with variable migration direction seen with other types of cell geometry.

Method to Measure Zeta Potential of Solid Surfaces and FST Method

Evaluation of the Surface Charge of a Solid Sample by Zeta Potential

  • Novel method to measure the zeta potential of solid surfaces using probing particles.​
  • Surface charge of solid sample can be evaluated. Determination of electrostatic interactions between particles and flat surfaces​
  • Easy to use. Large sample size, min: 14 x 33 mm, max: 16 x 37 mm up to 5 mm thickness​
  • Solid surface modification analysis. Additive effect and particle adhesion. Zeta potential vs. pH/additive volume also available​
  • Wide sample application. Soft sample-like fibers can be measured


FST Method for Concentrated Samples

By conventional methods, scattered light from a concentrated suspension can not be measured correctly due to multiple scattering (A) or in very concentrated solutions due to its ability to transmit light. The FST method detects the scattered light from particles through a transparent electrode.

The optical path length is minimized to reduce the effects of multiple scattering. Thus, the NanoPlus HD can perform a zeta potential measurement of a concentrated suspension with a high degree of accuracy (B).

ntuitive Instrument Control, Data Acquisition, and Superior Analysis Results

SOP Designer

Intelligent and automatic creation of standard operating procedures. Our intelligent SOP designer permits you to establish fixed SOPs that generate reproducible and repeatable results time after time. Simply input the color-coded conditions for measurement, analysis, cell, and diluent conditions. Name and save your SOP, load your sample, and start your run.

Configurable Security Levels

Easily and quickly set up four levels of security for accessing software, data collection, and report generation. Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Easy Data File Back-up

Data back-up is automated. Simply choose the directory, network drive, or wireless data storage device directly from the NanoPlus HD software. A copy of all data files and SOP parameter files will automatically be backed up at the selected location as soon as it is generated, giving the researcher peace of mind.

Customizable 3D Graph

Easily compare multiple data files using customizable 3D graphs. Use this function to track changes over time and compare lots, as well as monitor effects of pH changes, additive quantities, and temperature changes.

Pre-Loaded, Dispersion Liquid Properties

There is no need to research dispersion liquid properties such as refractive index, viscosity, and dielectric constants. The NanoPlus HD software comes pre-loaded with all common dispersion liquids and required properties for size and zeta potential analysis, including different temperature variations.

Real-Time Analysis Monitoring

Data is presented in real time during analysis. The screen can be customized to present as many graphs and tables as needed to fully characterize the material in real time. Post analysis data files are easy to find, organize, and review.

(Particle Size Analysis Results)


(Zeta Potential Analysis Results)


Application Notes:

Monitoring the Effects of Ethanol and Sucrose on Thermal Stability of Bovine Serum Albumin

Using Zeta Potential to determine equivalency of generic and non-generic oral suspensions

Tech Tips:

Temperature Gradient Analysis for Determining Melting Point of Proteins Using the NanoPlus

Advantages of a Multi-point Zeta Potential Measurement

Measuring Zeta Potential of Non-aqueous Suspensions



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