Microwave Ashing

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Microwave Ashing



Advance Microwave Ashing Furnace

  • Fast heating – 8 minutes only from room temperature to 1.000°C!
  • Fast ashing – Minutes instead of hours!
  • High sample throughput – up to 24 samples simultaneously!
  • 3 different interchangeable setup to choose from
  • ASTM, USP, SEMI and ISO compliance



What's New Application?

Carbon Black Determination in Plastics

We have a new opportunity! Our application team has recently developed a dedicated configuration and application to determine carbon black in olefin plastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, using a fast, reproducible and efficient procedure. Milestone's new self-closing quartz crucibles, along with its dedicated rack (20 positions) and the PYRO High Sample Throughput, are the perfect combination to ensure ease of use and high productivity for this application, which is often performed by contract service lab, as well as by plastic processors and manufacturers.

Do not miss this opportunity, see further details below.

Typical configuration for carbon black determination in plastics:


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