DA 6200

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PerkinElmer, Inc., Waltham, Mass., launched the DA 6200 NIR analyzer, designed to help meat processors conduct quality and process control more accurately, easily and quickly.

The DA 6200 analyzer is based on next-generation diode array near-infrared transmission spectroscopy (NIR) technology, which provides accurate test results of fat, moisture and protein levels in a sample as well as collagen, salt and ash, in 30 seconds.

The DA 6200 analyzer helps sausage, ground meat or poultry producers retrieve the highest yield from incoming unprocessed meat, can improve consistency in production and verify compliance with regulatory and brand standards for quality of the final product.

The compact size and battery power option make the DA 6200 analyzer fully portable, allowing flexibility in the production environment. Plus, its intuitive touchpad screen helps technicians and scientists generate clear, easy-to-read results.

The analyzer is also equipped with customized meat calibrations designed to work across a range of product types, eliminating the need for on-site collaboration development.



It’s critical that processors and producers of meat products are able to monitor and control fat, moisture, protein, and other key nutritional parameters. With near infrared (NIR) technology, you can achieve multiconstituent results in seconds rather than hours, as with traditional chemical analysis methods. Our DA 6200™ NIR meat analyzer gives you the ability to analyze any time, with real time results so producers of ground meats, sausages, separated poultry, and other meat products can reduce product variations while improving profitability and quality.


Accurate, calibrated, and ready to run, right out of the box: measure a wide range of raw meats, filling products, and final meat products.

Compact, lightweight, and battery operated: allows the analyzer to be easily moved between raw material intake and production sample points.

Robust solid-state diode-array NIR technology: no moving optical components ensures reliable operation, accurate measurements, and optimal uptime.


Key Features

•  Analysis of all types of meat samples

•  Measures fat, moisture, protein, and more in 30 seconds

•  Easy operation by anyone in production facilities

•  Cost effective and low maintenance

•  Compact and portable


Accurate results when and where you need them 

The DA 6200 system sets new standards for advanced, cost-effective meat product analysis. Analyze samples at intake for immediate screening to verify that they meet specification – and make claims if they don't. Test in-process samples right at the production line, and verify finished products before they’re packaged to ensure meeting your customers’ specifications. The DA 6200 is designed for simple, accurate use by plant operators. And with near real-time results, you can reduce wait times, expense, and the hassle of sending samples to an external lab. 


More consistent production

The DA 6200 allows for cost-effective routine analysis at small and midsize plants – producers of sausages, minced meats, poultry, or other meat products. You can standardize production and avoid overuse of expensive lean meats. Fast, accurate results allow you to make adjustments to processes in real time.

What’s more, the DA 6200 is easy to use, enabling you to analyze homogenized meat products or minced samples taken directly from the mixer.


Calibrated and ready to analyze

The DA 6200 is designed using NIR transmittance technology, allowing you to analyze large representative sample volumes in one measurement. Light is transmitted through the samples and collected with diode-array detectors. NIR calibrations have been collected in collaboration with multiple meat processors, institutes, and universities and are based on a wide range of beef, pork, poultry, and raw-meat products. And because it’s equipped with ready-to-use global artificial neural networks (ANN) and partial least squares (PLS) calibrations, the DA 6200 is a plug-and-play solution.



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