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Evidence Investigator

A compact, semi-automated benchtop system with easy to use software. It is based on competitive immunoassays as used for ELISA technology.

Save time and Costs: Multiplex testing allows testing of multiple analyte assessment from a single sample reducing time and labor spent on individual tests

Consolidation in one system: World's first platform allowing consilidation of immunoassay and molecular diagnostics with protein and DNA based biochips

World's most diverse menu: More tests are available than any other sole supplier

Optimum Laboratory Efficiency: Compact benchtop system to save valuable lab space and availability of multi-analyte controls and calibrators for accurate and reliable testing

Reduced Sample Volume: Analyse a complete profile of biomakers from as little as 50 microliter of sample

Ease of Opertion: Straightforward testing procedure reducing operator error, ready to use biochips and minimal sample handling



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