Tissue Tek DRS 2000 Multiple Slide Stainer

Overview Group


The Tissue Tek DRS 2000 Multiple Slide Stainer offers multiple staining protocols in a true ramdom access mode. Based on the current work load demands, The system can handle upto 11 sets of 40 slides at a time. The operator selects from 20 methods stored in the memory in continous mode or batch mode, presses START… and walk away. Comes equip with a monitor that keeps track of all baskets and indicates end times for each program. Plastic staining reservoirs eliminate danger of breakage.Works economically with efficient operation that reduces solution contamination. User-defined wash stations reduce water consumption while providing superior results. 


Designed to increase productivity and efficiency with hogh quality staining in mind. Giving you the opportunity to streamline your workflow.

  1. Intelligent loading and unloading
  2. Enhances washed feature
  3. Interactive software for easy operation
  4. Ergonomic, lab friendly fume control system.
  5. Monitoring of reagent use.
  6. Agitation independently selectable for each reservoir.

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