In-Situ Inc.

Establish in 1976, Chester McKee fulfilled a lifelong dream and founded In-Situ from the basement of his Laramie, Wyoming home. Now residing in a modern manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, CO, In-Situ has become an international company with over 130 employees that specializes in the design, manufacture, and worldwide sale of scientific equipment for the environmental, aquaculture, and industrial water-monitoring markets.

In-Situ is the leading Portable Water Quality and Level Monitoring instruments that can be used in the following applications;

  • Aquaculture
  •  Acquifer Charaterization
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Mining
  • Remediation
  • Surface Water


Your Eyes In The Field

In 2017, In-Situ is taking another innovative and bold step for our industry. We hope this strong and striking visual screams out the core of what we promise to you – performance you can trust. You can trust us and our solutions to the point that you can close your eyes; you can allow us to be Your Eyes In The Field.

In-Situ literally means ‘in place’, and ultimately what we provide is the ability to take the measurement at the point of measure. When you take a sample to the laboratory, you’re working in an ideal condition. When you take a measurement in the field (at the point of measure), you have to trust that the equipment and data will be accurate and reliable … you have to trust that it will continue to work even when you can’t see it.



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