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Essential V6 is as superbly suited to simple, rapid capture and print applications as it is to high precision image optimization and capture. It is therefore ideal for research environments with a high number of occasional or frequent users, or for the dedicated single user who needs complete control over image capture and analysis. The Essential V6 specifications are ideal for routine documentation. In research laboratories where premium quality and precision are required Essential V6 comes into its own. Essential V6 is ideal for routine documentation. European manufactured, the superb quality of the scientific camera enables long lasting high performance imaging. With no learning curve and only one button to click, a high quality print or image file can be produced in seconds. Automatic features such as autofocus, automatic light system, automatic zoom and auto-exposure enable the highest precision image optimization and the saturation easy monitoring.

  • Ideal for quantification and routine documentation
  • Scientific camera of 3-megapixel native resolution
  • True 16-bit depth camera with up to 65,535 shades of gray
  • Patented Uvipure technology available
  • UV safety switch and override button
  • Auto-exposure
  • Auto-focus with automatic zoom and light
  • USB connection
  • Ideal for multi-user environments
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) file available at all times
  • Inclusive of free Uvitec-1D software for both image acquisition and analysis
  • Robust steel and stainless steel manufacturing
  • Protocol-driven image acquisition
  • Publishing & image enhancement features

Technical Specifications

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