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VELP Scientifica provides a wide range of consumables designed to ensure optimum performance for Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analysers, Kjeldahl Analyzers and Solvent Extractors.

  • VELP Consumables are products designed and manufactured to ensure premium performance, accuracy and precision to your analytical instruments;
  • Choosing the right consumables allow the optimization of analytical operations to achieve the highest possible performance of the analytical instrument;
  • VELP Scientifica provides a rich portfolio of consumables for a wide range of applications

Be Assured: choose VELP Genuine consumables and let your analytical instrument work in optimal conditions.



Consumables for DUMAS Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer

Wide range of superior quality consumables for the day-to-day operation of your NDA.
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Consumables for Kjeldahl Analyzers

A wide range of consumables designed for accurate and reliable Kjeldahl analysis.
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Consumables for Solvent Extractors

A complete set of cups, thimbles and gaskets for enhancing solvent extraction with the SER series.
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