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About Us

Wallace began as general engineers in 1901 working for local Croydon companies and successfully developed a range of machines for the confectionery and food canning industries.

In the late 1930's Wallace became involved in joint development programmes with the Rubber and Plastics Research Association and undertook the design, manufacture and sales of test equipment to evaluate the physical properties of rubber and other polymeric materials.

In the early 1950's Wallace began looking for export markets for its test equipment particularly in the rubber growing regions and in industrialised countries where rubber processing takes place. Since then, export business grew rapidly and now accounts for nearly 80% of our product output (65-70% of turnover) which is sold to over 60 countries worldwide.

Accurate Testing - Measured Solutions

Over the last few years, we have prepared and presented several technical papers associated with hardness and plasticity at international conferences as well as having some of these published in international magazines.

Through close contact with customers, research associations and our membership of international standards committees (eg BS and ASTM), we are active in devising new world standards for particular types of rubber testing. This provides Wallace with a very competitive edge when introducing new test equipment.


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