A Company at the heart of cereal industry Chopin Technologies, now under the KPM Analytics, offers products and services for the control of the
characteristics of cereals and their derivatives. As a company that operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO
9001: 2000 standard, it’s high quality equipment is recognized by different international standards such as AACC, ICC, ISO, CEN. 

Instruments are manufactured in France and distributed throughout the world via a network of 60 distributors, especially selected for their knowledge of the cereal
industry. With their product both for the grain and flour analysis, Chopin Technologies allocates 10% of their turnover to research and development.
The after sales service they provide includes installation of new products, trainings, maintenance and repair through their network of distributors
who are regularly trained to have great service all over the world. CT (Chopin Technologies) Center located in France, is especially designed to train customers to learn the theory, manipulation, application, maintenance and standards and regulations with the best specialists on Alveograph,
Mixolab, CD1 mill etc.